Safe for you and your family. When your home is cleaned with natural aromatherapy products, you not only get a clean and healthy home, but one that is filled with the intoxicating scents of aromatherapy!

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Essential Oils are Often Referred to As “Nature’s Pharmacy" Many essential oils have been clinically proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and help people stay healthy and to boost the immune system.

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Pet Friendly

We are proud to offer pet friendly cleaning services! Just like you, your faithful companions need a naturally clean home free from toxic chemicals. Treat your pet to a natural toxin free cleaning experience.

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A naturally clean home is a healthy home...

21 years experience cleaning homes in Harrison OH, West Harrison, Cincinnati OH and surrounding areas. Providing exceptional service and attention to detail. read more

Your home is where your loved ones are. It's where you go to retreat after a long day at work. Of course you want to create a clean, comfortable, relaxing and safe environment there.

Did you know that the products used to clean your home can have a profound effect on your families health and well being?

Why wait? Get a free online quote today and treat yourself, your family and your pets to a clean, healthy and naturally fragrant home.


Experience and Trust

When you hire Page's Cleaning you are hiring a small business, which is a great benefit to you since this allows the time needed to clean your home the way you want it cleaned. And you can rest easy knowing you have a company with over 21 years experience in your home!

Quality and Value

Small details like changing the sheets, making the beds, wiping down cabinets, cleaning the ceiling fans and taking out the trash for you are always included. And did I mention that our house cleaning rates won't break your budget?