Indoor Wall Fountain

Let an Indoor Wall Fountain do the Spring Cleaning for You!

Spring is finally here and its time to think about sprucing up your home for the summer! Don’t worry though; I’m not here to nag you about your annual spring cleaning duties. Instead I have a suggestion for perking up your home that’s not only affordable and fun but one that’s guaranteed to make your neighbors and guests green with envy. This year, why not steal a design idea from fancy hotels and spas and hang a natural and relaxing indoor wall fountain in your home or office? The benefits are even more than you may think.

Everyone knows that the sound of trickling water is relaxing, but did you know that trickling water also acts as a natural air purifier and humidifier? It’s true! As water flows down the face of indoor wall fountains, dust particles are continuously filtered out of the air. That means less dust in the air to breathe and less collecting on your tables to clean. Plus as the water falls, the fountain acts as a natural humidifier for a more comfortable and healthier environment. That’s just one reason why top spas feature them in almost every room.

The soothing sounds of an indoor wall fountain have been compared to the comforting scent of home baked cookies. We all know that there’s not much better than walking in to a home filled with the inviting aroma of home cooking. How about walking into a home that always sounds like there’s a mountain stream out back? Plus this mountain stream is decoratively placed in your entry way and is glowing from hidden recessed lights! It can truly make an ordinary home feel like a sanctuary.

Indoor wall fountains come in all shapes and sizes from as small as one foot wide to seven feet or more. They don’t require any plumbing attachment or any structural modification to the wall for instillation. In fact most indoor wall fountains can be hung in less than one hour and require little regular maintenance.

Simply hang, plug in and add water to create a look that’s as beautiful as the sound it creates. All that’s left now is to pick which indoor wall fountain to treat your home to. Then when you get done dusting those base boards this spring, you can take a brake and to relax and unwind beside your new indoor fountain.

You’re going to love what an indoor wall fountain can do for you.

Article submitted by Wall2WallFountains